Get Started Working from Home Legitimately

Get Started Working from Home Legitimately

People are very skeptical when it comes to working from home and for good reason. There are a lot of marketing schemes and frauds out there that really try and steal your hard earned cash. So we decided to create a page that explains EXACTLY how to get started working from home full time or part time. Jobs are listed here too! Here’s a theme song for work at home employees. Enjoy.


Things you may already have or will need to Get Started Working from Home Legitimately:

  1. Laptop or Desktop computer: This is clearly obvious but some people only have a tablet or smart phones, and if your one of those people you will need to step up your game and upgrade to a Laptop or Desktop pc. Or if your just looking for a little extra cash on the side check out these 80 apps that pay cash. We went ahead and found a few laptops with a good price HERE.
  2. USB HEADSET: A lot of at home jobs require you to be able to communicate via a computer. Audio jack headsets are not the best quality so today’s jobs are requiring USB headsets in order to make a better experience for their customers. If you already have a USB HEADSET your one step ahead of the game.
  3. Solid Internet connection:  So many people are surprised by this when I tell them. “You cannot work off your neighbors wifi!” why? because its not a stable enough connection unfortunately. You will need a good internet connection and in most cases an ETHERNET cord. Wifi can be sketchy at times, with an Ethernet cord you eliminate a lot of the dropped signal and lost connection drama which will make you a prime candidate for working from home.
  4. Attitude: Once you begin working from home you might realize that it is harder than it seems with all of the distractions around you. You will no longer have a crazy employee or boss breathing over your shoulder to get work done, or a commute to work that wakes you up in the morning. Some work at home employees actually still dress up as if they were going into work just to get into the right mindset.

Jobs to Get Started Working from Home Legitimately:

  1. Edegree Advisor: This company will pay you for basically transferring calls of pre qualified candidates to colleges. Its pretty straight forward and simple, you just read whats on your screen and throw a little personality into each person you speak with. The pay is hourly + commission. Sometimes they are hiring so keep a lookout here on their website.
  2. Support: Support jobs usually require a little more experience in the tech field. Luckily, they still provide training regardless and pretty much anyone can do it. With you can work as a chat agent, teleworker, client services, payroll manager and more. They continuously grow and with growth comes opportunity (meaning new positions). Check out for current available work at home positions.
  3. Telenetwork:  Telenetwork is a great gig for anyone in IT school or just good with networks and computers. They also provide extensive paid training and have a lot of opportunity for growth within the company. Everyone working with Telenetwork started as a base worker and built their way up. You can get into positions as chat support, recruiting/ hiring, teleworker, team leader, etc. You can find their hiring positions here.
  4. More Here: This page will show you a little more detail about each of these jobs and why they are on TheLatestHustle.

The Process:

With all of the work at home jobs you will want to go through with the obvious process of a typical job.

  1. Build a Resume: A resume is supposed to be geared or pointing towards the job your trying to get. So for example; DO NOT post Mcdonalds cook worker if your looking to get a job in the technical field. In fact, its better to just post about your experience in the tech field even if its helping the local elderly folks in your area troubleshooting their printer issues or whatever. The point is just make your resume relate-able to the job your applying for.
  2. Own the tools: As stated above, get the tools you need to do the job BEFORE you apply. It makes the process a lot smoother and makes you hire-able.
  3. Apply: To be as binary as possible do the deed and apply to your selected online opportunity. The more you apply to the more chance of  getting hired you have. Do your research on each online company before giving out your personal information. Google reviews of each company to get a basic idea of if they are legitimate or not. Also you can check out the BBU (Better Business Bureau) to see if they are licensed. The jobs we post here pay out (or did when we tested them) So don’t just take our word for it, do your own research.

Have you worked from home before?

Post your experience of working from home below or feel free to add to our list of jobs below. We will look into the jobs you post though so don’t post any junk!