Real online jobs that are hiring

Real online jobs that are hiring

Real online jobs that are hiring

At first I didn’t plan to post any real hourly type of jobs on this site because its not truly hustling. But then again I realized as a new hustler sometimes you need to have a steady income from a “job” in order to invest or make ends meet while your trying to figure out your niche. So I tested real online jobs that are hiring people to work from home and pay hourly. Some of these jobs offer benefits and others just flat out pay you for the time your working with them. I will only post jobs that I know for a fact are paying out and are accredited by the better business bureau (to the best of my knowledge). If you have any other online jobs or home business opportunities please let us know below by commenting on this page. We would love to hear whats working for you.

I would like to start off by saying not all of these jobs are available in all states. So be sure to check the state requirements before wasting your time and filling out an application just to find out they aren’t available in your area. This is constantly changing so you will have to check the companies website for details about which states they are hiring in.

Let the Real online job that are hiring with reviews begin with Edegree Advisor.

Edegree Advisor

This work at home job is a recruiting company that trains you to help people find colleges in their area. The training is very in-depth and about 6 hours long I believe and continued throughout a weeks span. You first start off learning the outbound dialing system and then move on to inbound after a week or more.
Outbound- is completely a drag to work on because your literally cold calling people and asking them if “they would like to further their education” so it can be annoying at first. The good thing is you only have to do this for the first week (and when you mess up on inbound they put you back on outbound for additional training)

Inbound is fairly easy. You are initially transferred a lead by a robot that asks pre-qualifying questions and introduces you to the person (it sounds like an actual human, but its not) and then you take over the call. Once you take over you read from your screen and record responses of their information. Then you move on to find schools for your lead via the crm provided (that’s pretty much a website that lets you search for schools and record information) Once you transfer your done with that call and start the process all over again.
This job is always hiring and firing and you can make a decent amount of money with it BUT ALWAYS KEEP A BACK UP JOB OR HUSTLE AROUND BECAUSE YOU MIGHT DEFINITELY GET FIRED ANY DAY.

  • Training: Very good training and support for the first few weeks.
  • Management: Decent, you communicate through Skype. The less you bug them the less they bug you so pay attention to training.
  • Accountability: It’s a decent job if you like talking to people. Once you get tired of it your performance reflects on this and you might end up getting fired for this.
  • Pay: Definitely better than a fast food job. You start off with $9 an hour and can go up to $15 an hour. Saturdays pay I believe $4 extra per hour so you could make up to $19 an hour plus commission. DECENT. You are initially set up as an independent contractor (meaning you will have to do your own taxes at the end of the year. Nothing will be taken out of your check for you.)
  • Hours Great & very flexible. You can pick your own hours weekly and take breaks whenever you want as long as you get your hours in for the day. When you do take a break just remember, you are ONLY paid while on the dialer…

Lets get to the rest of the Real online jobs that are hiring. This next job does offer a lot more and might be more reliable for you.


Telenetwork is an at home based job for tech support and is also located in the Great state of Texas. They offer benefits for working with them that includes (health insurance, etc here after 90 days of working with them) You get paid for the hours you work as you clock in. Not, only while your on the dialer but also while your on break which is a huge advantage compared to Edegree Advisor. The hiring process is extremely long compared to other companies and can last about a month or more! They take you through several interviews on the phone, on google hangouts with video, and through tests and resume submissions. However, if you are finally hired through this job you will definitely enjoy the benefits when they kick in. With Telenetwork you are hired on as an employee rather than just an independent contractor so you don’t have to worry about your taxes at the end of the year or getting laid of at anytime without having a back up plan, like unemployment assistance.

  • Training: is short but in-depth. You should only apply for this job if you already have technical experience though because it might be too much for you to learn in a short period of time otherwise.
  • Management: They are great, as you will see on your interview they are definitely about communication. They have a team that trains you throughout your working with them. Its pretty much quality control correcting your errors if there are any.
  • Accountability: Again like Edegree, it’s a decent job if you like talking to people. Once you get tired of it your performance reflects on this and you might end up getting fired for this.
  • Pay: Pay plus benefits you cant beat an at home job that offers this. Definitely worth looking into.
  • Hours: Hours are decent. They offer either a day or night shift. The hours are not as flexible as other at home jobs but still its awesome to go to work in pajamas on your couch.

And for the last job of the Real online jobs that are hiring is is yet another legitimate job that definitely fits into the Real online jobs that are hiring section. This job is fairly easy to get into if you have all the correct computer requirements and a decent amount of technical support skills. If your an avid computer user and can follow a flow chart then this job will be easy for you. You will be trained to deal with customers support questions and how to handle them in the right order. So for instance someones network is down, you will select that on the support crm and it will tell you what to ask the customer until their issue is fixed. Its a fairly simple job if you can handle agitated customers with network issues.

  • Training: with is fairly in-depth and goes on throughout working with them like most online work at home jobs.
  • Management: is very supportive and to the point they also have a good QC team to train you when you make mistakes. The team environment is definitely in place with

  • Accountability: They are very serious about having no technical difficulties so if your computer crashes or something make sure you have a backup! Because this could ultimately be a factor if you get fired. Other than that the support with is very helpful and relaxed. There is not as much pressure with this online job as with the others.

  • Pay: The pay is good with benefits just like Telenetwork! When you get benefits as a full time employee at home you are living the good life. Just make sure you make time for your hustles!

  • Hours: They have flexible schedules but the schedules are set that you can choose from. Unlike Edegree where you can pretty much work whatever times you want.

Do you know of any Real online jobs that are hiring? Let us know below what has worked for you or if you have worked with any of the companies above we want to hear your experience.