how to make money with ebooks

How to make money with Ebooks

How to make money with Ebooks

There are a few different ways we came across on how to make money with Ebooks. Even if you don’t want to write your own Ebook you can still make money! Here’s how it works…

1. Get PLR (Private Label Rights), or Rebrandable Ebooks

Getting PLR (Private Label Rights), or rebrandable ebooks is one of the quickest ways to selling resale products on the internet. With private label rights ebooks or PLR Ebooks, you have the ability to add yourself as the author (if you choose) and sell them. You can also add content to the Ebook, change formats, and completely change it to your liking. This is also a good way for you to create backlinks to your website for FREE marketing to your website if you have one! You might be wondering what a backlink is. Its just a link (hyperlink) pointing back to your website. For instance, if you just add a line to the front of the PLR Ebook saying created or written by That would direct a reader back to your site. When looking up PLR Right Ebooks you might also run into:

Basic Resale Rights (RR)
Basic Resell Rights (RR) means that you can simply resell the product as is. You cannot change anything about the Ebook or edit, just resell… This also means that you will also generally receive the mini-site (order page and download page) so that you can set it up and resell the product on your own website or on a new domain name.

Master Resale Rights (MRR)
Master Resale Rights work almost like Resale Rights, except that you also have the option to sell the rights. So instead of just reselling an Ebook, you can also sell the Rights to resell to other aspiring entrepreneurs or resellers. MRR is commonly mistaken for PLR (private label rights) but there is usually a huge difference. For instance, you might not be able to change the authors name, or edit any content. But you will still have the ability to resell the book as is or resell the resell rights. Usually, when purchasing MRR Ebook they will let you know on the order form what you can do with the Ebook.

Public Domain Content
Public Domain Content that is in the public domain is very close to Private Label Rights (PLR) Ebooks. With both of these types of rights you can normally still edit the content and author and use it to make a completely new product or just change the Authors name to yours and publish it as your own Ebook. Anything published from 1923-1963 that has not been renewed is considered public domain material, meaning the copyright has not been renewed. Because there isn’t a copyright on that material, you can copy it or republish it as your own including for commercial use!

So how do you actually make money with a PLR Ebook once you have a few?

If you already have a few PLR Ebooks then you can simply publish them with your name or brand on sites that will help you promote your Ebook. The best site to start with that we found would be Smashwords will help you publish your Ebook to several different Ebook sites including Amazon, Smashwords itself, and more. Check out their website for more details.

Where can you get PLR Ebooks?

There are several places where you can buy or even get Free PLR Ebooks to resell. One that I came across that has thousands of PLR Ebooks is Resell Rights Weekly. They also offer a ton of support from the owner of the website himself and marketing books to help you resell your books. Check out the Resell Rights Weekly website and download a few free Ebooks to resell!

Private Label Rights

2. Write and Publish Your Own Ebook

A lot of people that take this route have a huge opportunity to make a substantial amount of money because they can write about specific niches or material that no one else has aka an untapped niche. For instance, I read about a guy who was going to school to become a nurse. While he was going through school he ran into several problems and solutions and decided to write an Ebook that helps guide people through nursing school. Through trial and error he was able to successfully sell this Ebook over 100,000 times! He did market himself extremely well which was another huge factor in his success but people liked his content because he gave them an up to date solution to their daily problems while going to school. If you can think of a problem that occurred in your life that took a lot of research to actually solve, THAT is an untapped niche and you should write about it.

I wrote an Ebook. How should I market myself?

If you are a new writer the best place to start off is Smashwords. Again, its a website to help you market your Ebook by publishing it to several different networks. If you can format the Ebook correctly (which they offer guided help) then you can get your book in front of several hundred readers. An awesome feature that we have seen used by Ebook sellers is to give away a certain percentage of your Ebook to potential customers or to everyone. If you can get your book to climax 15% into your book then cut off the readers until they pay for the rest it will definitely help boost sales!

A few other great ways to market yourself are HERE! If you would like us to help market your Ebook or product feel free to contact us directly at the Partner with Us page.

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