How To Get Paid Acting Extra

How To Get Paid Acting Extra

How to get paid acting extra is about working as an extra in film. Currently, we are ONLY WORKING WITH LAS VEGAS RESIDENTS but we plan on expanding soon! Work along side famous actors getting paid as an extra with films in the Las Vegas Area! This is a paid gig. Some films have certain specifications and some except a certain amount of people. If you would like to stay updated on The Latest Films in the Las Vegas area fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as there is an opening.

What you need to be ready:

  • Professional Head Shot ( This is just a clear photo of your face, its good to have on smiling, one regular and one personable)
  • Professional Body Shot (This is a full body shot of yourself with clothes on – males can do with shirt off to see your physique and body shape)
  • Proof of ID (They want to make sure your not impersonating anyone and your age)
  • Availability (If your an aspiring actor or just want to be in a film make sure your available when its time for the shoot ALL DAY. So schedule off work or do what you have to to be available)
  • Mobility (Its important to be mobile so have a ride to the shoot on the day of the shoot or invest in a vehicle, bus ticket or whatever you use to travel. A lot of the shoots in Vegas are on the strip but sometimes you will be required to travel. A tip: you can check craigslist for a ride share or order an UBER ride)

If you have all of the above requirements or your a good planner and can get these requirements fill out the form below to get updated on the latest films were working with in the Las Vegas area. We will send you an email when as these openings are available.

You can fill out the FORM HERE.

Here’s a movie we got to be apart of this year!

With Pay Proof.



Have you had success in the past as a Film Extra? Let us know below!