How to see number of downloads of a Google Docs file

How to see number of downloads of a Google Docs file

How to see number of downloads of a Google Docs file

Step 1:

First create the document you would like to share and track to see who downloaded your file. This is important to do first otherwise you might get lost.

Step 2:

Go to:

>Create a new form.

Edit & Name the form (Name of your doc or whatever will help the user remember why they are entering their information here)

EXAMPLE NAME: “How to see who’s downloading your Google Docs”

>Add a required field

>”Please enter your full name
You can add as many required fields to gather information as you need. If this is for a sales type of capture page or information the less information you ask a user for the higher chances your leads will convert. If your students or employees are required to download this document you can add a “student ID” field or “employee id”. Just don’t ask for any sensitive information!! (like a password)

Now you can submit your form.

>hit “submit form” button.

>Add your confirmation Page link as the page of your document.

 You do not need to check any of the boxes.

How to see number of access/downloads of a file

A second prompt will come up asking where you want your form submissions to be sent to.It will ask you if you would like to create a spreadsheet for your form responses.

>select keep all the responses on the same spreadsheet


Now, Do you want your confirmation link to be a direct download link or just a link to a view-able google doc online? If you would like to add a direct download link keep reading! Otherwise, you are finished.

How To Add A Direct Download Link for YOUR Google Documents

This trick works for native Google Documents too except for the URL format is a slightly different.

For Google Presentations:

The direct links for downloading the same presentation deck in PowerPoint (.pptx) and PDF formats are below:


For Google Docs: When you share a Google document, the URL would be:

Replace /edit with /export and add the file format that the document should be saved as and your download link will be finished and usable.

The above links will now download the same Google document in Word (.docx) and PDF formats. You can also use “txt”, “html” and “odt” for the download format.

Google Spreadsheets: Open your Google Spreadsheet in the browser, make the sheet Public (or Anyone with a link) and make a note of the shared URL. It should be something like this:

The direct download links use a similar format as Google Documents and will be formated as follows:

Bonus – How to  Make a Copy

Create links to Google Sheets that will automatically create a copy of your Google Sheet in the Google Drive of the person you shared the google sheet with.




The newcopy=true parameter worked.


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