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Bright Blue Light in the Sky Nov 11/7/2015

Bright Blue Light in the Sky Nov 11/7/2015

Bright blue light in the sky on Nov 11/7/2015 over Las Vegas, NV on the south west side of town on Saturday Evening. Doing a little “google research” I found an interesting theory as follows:

A strange glowing cloud in the sky appeared on Saturday evening, seen as far away as Las Vegas, NV and Phoenix, Arizona. This glowing cloud is not from Edwards Air Force Base or Vandenberg, and because of the angle of the photos, it is concluded to be an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile launched either launched from the Navy installation on San Nicolas Island west of Catalina or an offshore Nuclear submarine. Source


(video credit- Andrea C.)

What do you think about this light? UFO? Military attack? End of times warning? (haha give us your thoughts below!)