Not another get rich quick scheme

Not another Get Rich Quick Scheme

Not another Get rich quick scheme

I think that we have all been through this or have watched someone go through this problem thinking “Not another Get Rich Quick Scheme”. That is why im writing this post. A lot of people are still falling for the: Make $10,000 daily with your cell phone. Or Get paid daily over $100,000 grand by learning this secret trick… Im sorry to inform you and your welcome to go throw away $100 to learn about this but its just not going to happen for you. Believe me I used to be that guy to try these things.



There are a few things to look out for when spotting bs’er -Not another Get Rich Quick Scheme:

  1. They are posting in a group or forum pictures of (just a money shot) with a caption like make $100000 by tomorrow. Im doing it so can you…(no they are not and you cant either.) Ill post an example of this soon. Any money shot people even if they have their face in the picture and you know dang well “its not photo-shopped” I guarantee you that you will not make the money they claim you will make. Most of those people work a full time job and find a high commission affiliate program, wait until they get paid, cash out in all $20 bills and a few hundreds, and use the good ol bait and hook post. Or they just go empty out their life savings take a picture and claim they made all that money in their current business… I have seen this THOUSANDS of times. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.
  2. Another one: TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE… Yes if you go one a legitimate website and you see dials turning (that’s warning number 1) and you see people commenting on all their success and they made millions of dollars doing this simple trick… Its another affiliate program or MLM. Not to bash on the few people who succeed through these but just stop falling for these bs companies promising you the world. Its sad. But I will let you know if you went out and started your own affiliate program or MLM you can make serious money and quick. It does cost a start up fee but its not huge compared to what you would dish out to these other companies on a monthly basis. If you are morally not interested, no problem lets move on. But if you like to experiment we will be offering courses on How to start your own MLM/Affiliate program in the future.
  3. Nevada soccer mom just made 10 million with this simple trick… Enough said, this is yet another example of a bad idea. Once you buy into one of these things you will get a few videos that teach you absolutely nothing, that is if you can find the videos through all of the links you will be re directed to so that the advertiser can make a few more bucks off of you with ppc (pay per click) ads.

Not another hustleNow you hopefully will learn from my mistakes and fall for one of these online schemes meant to bleed your pockets dry in dire attempts to make a few bucks online. This is the reason we made this website. Its straight forward, no monthly fees, and you get exactly what you pay and more. This means no more clicking through thousands of links to find out how to make money online. We also will be giving away free-sources that can help you make money online!

Do you have any online opportunity questions from your searches you want us to answer? Post your questions below and we will look into it for you and respond as soon as possible!

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