how to accept cash online

How-to accept cash online

How to accept cash online

Accepting cash is one of the most important things you need to learn as a hustler, if you don’t know how to accept cash the correct way online it can lead you to some pretty dark places in life. Well, its important is what im trying to tell you. If you have a product that you need to sell online first your going to have to get an online merchant account. Unless you plan on taking cash in person (defeating the purpose of you selling products online in the first place). So below we will show you how to accept cash online in a few short videos and or words…

Its important to know Paypal. They are one of the biggest merchants online worldwide and they have served us well. Ebay and Amazon (im sure you’ve heard of them) are two colossal online stores that use Paypal as they’re trusted online merchant. That being said, I think its safe to say your safe using Paypal. We strongly encourage you going out and researching all of this yourself if you still skeptical about this.

To start using Paypal as your online merchant to accept cash from anyone around the world you will need to set up a Paypal account. It is very simple but we went ahead and set up a video for you to see how to set up a Paypal account.

Now that you have seen the video go out and start accepting some cash online! Below I have also added other trusted online merchants that I have personally used in the past. Again please research each merchant on your own to ensure your trust in them. Merchants can always change their acts and we don’t keep track of everything here… yet.

  1. Google wallet
  2. Payza
  3. Dwolla 
  4. Bitwallet
  5. Venmo

A few things to remember when using online merchants. They are just like a local bank. Some of them will charge you more or less for receiving or sending money. Others will give you discounts on other online products and stores. Some of these online merchants are hard to gateway to sell products on your website or future website. We recommend you start off with Paypal and explore other options on your free time.